Have you ever noticed how, if you write something over and over and over again, it stops looking like it is spelled right and you have to take a moment to reassess? That’s basically what I did for this welcome page. I looked at dozens upon dozens of versions, fonts and color schemes for my ‘Welcome’ mat. I wondered how it might look to someone who had absolutely no idea what this web page was about or why I had started writing within it for the ‘new year’. I like the welcome image, plunked in, up front as it is… scribble-ly and just a little Gothic, which is one of those words for which people have so many connotations.

My 33 and a third year, the first part of 2017, being born in May, I want to see if I can keep this up for a while.

So welcome to a test in tenacity.

I am not sure exactly what to put here… on this static, yet evolving page that will greet each new reader, before they head off into the random shared moments that are in blog form from my mind… and I guess it should include a warning of some sort due to the amalgamation of weird they will find.

Greetings, Salutations and Welcome to a place from whence

Everything Flows.

And so the Caveat goes: Step lightly, for it is my psyche within which you may find your wriggling toes.