It has been tough sticking with any kind of a schedule to be completely honest. I am very much in need of practice with regard to tenacity. Life gets in the way of my desire to write something interesting and then when I have the moment of free time it comes with a side of writer’s block!


So many projects in the fire right now, I need to pare down and figure out what is really going to take off and what I need to let go to ashes. I am sorry to say Redmoon-PR maybe the first casualty of my war on sloth and indifference.

It isn’t that I don’t enjoy the site and the many versions its become, but I do think if anything is going to get off the ground its gotta be a concentrated effort and across the board HIJAC Radio is the one thing I really want to focus my energy on.

I am not sure if I will be checking back on this blog any time soon, but I can always be found on Twitter and soon a Twitch account to hold regular streams… possibly a somewhat syndicated show as well.


It’s harvest time. Let’s see what is bearing fruit.

It is beneficial to first recognize one’s vocabulary in terms of loving to unloving intention, and secondly, to be aware of how this may affect one’s actions.
Being conscious of the words one chooses to use in reference to themselves and the world around them takes a level of discipline and practice that is constant.

Focusing what one says with Intention, and recognizing the areas where one’s vocabulary has room to evolve is beneficial; not only to that singular self, but those who surround the one recognized as the Aspirant. These conscious choices can have great positive influence, and affect change in those willing to recognize them as such.

When One has chosen to be of loving service to others, several things are likely to happen: One may be given more responsibilities: People tend to be drawn to the levels of conscious loving action, giving the aspirant person more chances within which to practice being of service to others.

Service to others includes help when asked for it, not forcing it on another person because we think we know best, and/or because we believe we have a stake in their success or failure.

Please, be cautious, and do not lose the opportunities available when in service, and choosing to find more loving alternatives in one’s life. By doing one’s own shadow work there are crucial points along the way that would benefit every level of loving person in order to maintain and recognize further experiences of Growth.

To fall victim to one’s one subconscious desires for power, control, and/or any unloving behaviors {as defined by core intention}, is not uncommon for the early roads. However the more committed one becomes, the sooner they will see these unloving moments yield no result outside of a lesson in Humility.

Understanding the responsibilities and applying the brakes may require stumbling along the way, however, that stumbling and regaining of one’s footing is where the celebrations are found.

It is not how many times one falls, that may be used in discerning that one’s character, but how many times one manages to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and continues upon their path that shows how committed that one IS to any cause, belief, what-have-you.


In the process of Ascension, One is made aware of

The people, places, and things that may no longer be conducive

to the spiritual path one chooses and/or mental/emotional/energetic growth one wishes to obtain:

 You are Not Alone.  No one, outside of yourself, Judges you. You are the reason this project has begun

At this time, in this place. It is you to whom we speak